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Hello & thanks for finding your way over to my profile, I’m really happy you’re here.

I’ve been writing on Medium for a couple of years. While I don’t have as much writing as some of the other prolific writers on here, I do have my fair share!

For ease…

I never saw it coming but I’m not complaining about it.

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I love a good glass of wine. A rich, hearty, full-bodied red. Yum.

Like many people, throughout the pandemic, my alcohol consumption has slowly crept up. From consuming one bottle over the weekend with my partner, we’ve found we’re averaging two bottles a week, and on some weeks, we’re up…

The peak of job-stealing AI anxiety seems to have mellowed, but what’s really happening out there and what does is mean for the future of work?

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Early last year, I began a new role in a high school. When I meet with a new class, I have a little workshop we work through together to help gauge their knowledge of careers, work and employability and set expectations for how we’re going to work together. …

There’s more behind your To Do list than everything you think you need to get done.

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I’m an advocate for list-making. I make one myself most mornings, taking the time over my first cup of coffee to contemplate my day. What is it I need to get done for work? What have I been neglecting so far this week that I should crack on with? …

This Japanese word can help convey the idea of feeling at ease with our achievements.

Photo by Masaaki Komori on UnsplashYoyuu 余裕, abstract noun.

Yoyuu 余裕, abstract noun

Pronounced: “yoh-yoo”

Yoyuu 余裕 is an interesting word to explore in English, as it has no direct translation.

The word’s etymology combines yo — meaning additional, extra — and yuu — meaning ample, abundance, ease.

I read a brief breakdown of the possible meaning of this…

Home is a feeling, warm like the Sun

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Home is a feeling, warm like the Sun

Inside everyone needs a safe place to run

Run to the morning, faster than the Sun

Someone is there waiting, yes, she’s the one

- Home is a Feeling by Ride

The saying goes, ‘home is a feeling, not a place’, but…

10 important relationship insights from Esther Perel.

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Esther Perel has been on my self-education periphery for some time. I follow her across social media and thoroughly enjoy the insights gleaned from the snapshots of her work, ideas and ethos that she shares.

I admit I haven’t dived too deep into her work and have yet to read…

At its heart, positive parenting offers a supportive pathway for parents, caregivers and educators everywhere.

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I should probably preface this by declaring that I’m not (currently) a parent. If I’m honest, I’m not entirely convinced becoming a parent is something I’ll pursue.

Many people confuse people who are unsure about having children as people who don’t like children, which couldn’t be further from the truth…

An unusual question that can help you determine your career trajectory.

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In one of my previous roles, I used to organised monthly guest lectures for my university students from various active professionals in their target industries. …

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to our writing environments — so why not try something new.

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“I imagine that I can know entire stories by these marks on discarded mugs. Imagine that I know something intimate and true of the woman who left them. That I could take those mugs home one day and an entire novel worth of characters would pour out, just like that.”…


Psychology & Health Writer | Psychologist-in-Training | Careers Educator | Covering: Careers with Purpose, Positive Psychology + Creative Living without the BS

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